We advocate personal balance


Healthy and authentic taste

Our story, our values.

B-YOU: balanced eating, balanced you.

What we fuel our body with and how much we actually enjoy what we eat has a profound effect on our own emotional and physical health.

The Italian Mediterranean diet is a way of "eating for life" more than a diet..eating has to be "un piacere"...a PLEASURE!

First of all, we are friends and we are Italian.

After living many years abroad we realised that the Italian meals available on the market were very high in fat, kcal, salt and they were no healthy options available. We basically understood that one of the most loved, delicious and healthy cuisine on the planet was associated to something not healthy at all.

What everybody outside of Italy struggles to understand is how in the land pasta and pizza we manage to stay lean and to have one of the  lowest obesity rates on the planet. 

We know how to eat balanced naturally and how to cook lean and tasty.

Here B-YOU was born..the idea of authentic and delicious meals, as in the best "Italian cuisine" tradition, but also nutritionally balanced, able to help increasing energy levels, improving body shape and still being fundamentally healthy in the choice of micro and macronutrients used. 

The formula had to be also easy to approach, fresh, ready to eat and above all, authenticity had to be our first brand pillar.

For doing this we needed authentic Italian chefs, individuals who had the Mediterranean diet principles engraved in their soul. A crew of Italian cooks that could work with nutritionists advice to make a lasagne, lean, balanced but still delicious and authentically Italian.

We believe we made it!

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