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B-YOU: eat like you want your life to be.

First of all we are friends and we are Italian.

Our story started when in our early 30s we had international careers, we were traveling most of the time, we had small kids and the need to be at our best always, in terms of energy. We changed our way of eating using the principles of the Italian Mediterranean diet blended with the benefit of balancing meals macronutrients. 

We basically came back to our origins..

0ur Italian grandmothers already taught us about balance & pleasure when they were pushing us to eat "often and in small portions" promising that there is a real resemblance in between what we eat and who we become in life... Their mantra was: " if you want to be happy you have to eat well, my love"...

Our new diet became the primary foundation of our new energetic lifestyle and our new great bodies! 

We ended up teaching our friends and families the secrets of reshaping their bodies eating with pleasure.
The idea of creating B-YOU came from the experiences of other friends that joined this lifestyle and who they are also passionate about cooking traditional healthy meals.
We intended to meet the needs of people who already train and know the benefit that balancing macronutrients has got on our body mass, but we wanted also to teach everyone who wants to learn about “BALANCE EATING”, what means and what magical benefits have on our lives and our bodies.

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