Zucchina: summer courgettes lasagne pleasure

Zucchina: summer courgettes lasagne pleasure

In Italy we definitely love lasagne..And we love it so much that we make it in any way or with any ingredient possible. In Italian Mediterranean tradition vegetables are the most beautiful alternative for making lasagne.. Our B-YOU chefs created "Zucchina" (the Italian name for courgette) as summer alternative to the classic beef lasagne. 

Detox power of zucchini

Courgettes are a low-calorie vegetable, as they only contain 21kcal per 100g due to the fact that they are made for the 92% of water. They also contain proteins (2.7%), fibres (1%), ashes (1%) and fats (0.5%). Zucchini provide a range of key minerals for the body such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, fosforus, manganese, zinc and copper, as well as vitamin A, B group vitamins and vitamin C. 

Courgettes boast the highest potassium and antioxidant content, powerful detox agents.

Our traditional recipe is amazingly tasty, we used fresh ricotta flavoured with nutmeg..

Coming soon in our menu!