Summer stuffed peppers: the recipe from the Italian small village narrated by Homer

Summer stuffed peppers: the recipe from the Italian small village narrated by Homer

The pepper is a vegetable coming from Central-North America, brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in 1493.
These vegetables love the heat, therefore their cultivation has developed greatly  throughout the Mediterranean, becoming part of many regional cuisines.
The stuffed peppers in particular are one of the typical Italian meals prepared in the summer.

Our B-YOU version followed the traditional recipe coming from our grandmas' book.. the recipe is from Lazio, an Italian region who faces the  Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Mediterranean Sea, off the western coast of Italy. And for being more specific the creator of this recipe was from San Felice Circeo, a small village on the coast with a beautiful history..It was along this stretch of coast that Ulysses (Odysseus), the Greek King of Ithaca and hero of Homer's epic poem, experienced a number of his fabulous adventures. Not least his romance with Circe, the Siren who bore him a son called Antèios.

Amazingly, Monte Circeo used to be an island and was the mythical home of Circe. It is still covered in dense Mediterranean vegetation and at the very top are the remains of a Roman temple.

The town of San Felice Circeo was once known as Circeii with its historic centre dating back only 200 years or so.

Going back to recipe..we used lean meat, breadcrumbs, fresh parsley, fresh nutmeg, parmesan, extra-virgin olive oil.. 

Unlike those prepared in many other regions, the one prepared in the south of Italy do not involve the use of rice or pasta for the filling. Being born as a "poor" dish as rice was originally expensive and impossible to buy for not wealthy families,  the peppers were filled with stale bread, anchovies, capers, some olives and everything left over from the table. 

Subsequently, the meat was added to the filling, up to the version that is being prepared today.

This traditional Italian meal when prepared with fresh and lean ingredients is extremely healthy rich in vitamins, low in fat and a great source of proteins.