Creamy pumpkin balanced risotto

Creamy pumpkin balanced risotto

Pumpkin season! Today we share the Italian balance pumpkin recipe..a healthy and balanced version of the Italian Zucca (pumpkin) risotto..creamy, delicious and balanced, rich in anti-oxydants, beta carotene, fibers, vitamin C! Balanced in protein and carbs off course.

Here our recipe..



1 medium Pumpkin

 160 g Brown rice 2 tablespoons Philadelphia light


Grated parmesan

Mint or rosemary (your choice)

Olive oil



Cook the brown rice following the instructions on the package and keep the cooking water aside.



Cut the pumpkin into pieces (the smaller they are, the shorter the cooking time will be) and cook it in a saucepan adding a ladle of boiling cooking water at a time (even simple boiling water is fine).



When the pumpkin is cooked, blend it and add water until it reaches the desired density, season with salt, pepper, paprika



Add a couple of tablespoons of Philadelphia light to make the cream creamier


5. finish with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan