Beef "spezzatino": the Italian traditional stew


There are recipes for lamb stews and fish stews in the Roman cookery book Apicius, believed to date from the 4th century AD.

The stew is one of the most ancient Italian recipes and in every region Italians make it with different ingredients. 

The stew is also a global recipe but Italians have a unique way to make it no matter if we use veal, beef, chicken, pork or lamb the main difference from all the other stews in the world is the "soffritto" of vegetables (in extra virgin olive oil) and fresh herbs to season that we prepare to start with before adding the meat in the pan.

No matter what vegetables we select four our stew, potatoes, pies, squash ...we cook them slowly in the pan until they are soft enough to welcome the diced meat of any kind.

The meat then absorbs the sweetness of the aromatic vegetables and the result is sweeter and mellower than other beef stews you may have tried. In our B-YOU balanced version, we used novel potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, small broccoli, tomato passata, fresh rosemary, lean diced beef.. and freshly chopped chilli on top if you like spicy!


Kids love this meal too as the result is incredible tasty and it smells just amazing.

Low in carbs and high in lean protein, this recipe is perfectly balanced! 

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