Arrabbiata penne: the "angry" recipe from Rome

Arrabbiata penne: the

The term Arrabbiata, that means “Angry”, derives from the extreme spiciness of the sauce and the flushing that it provokes once eaten, looking like in a rage!

The Penne all’Arrabbiata are so into the Italian culture to be mentioned in several classic movies, for instance “Roma” by Federico Fellini and “La Grande Abbuffata” by Marco Ferreri.

The Arrabbiata sauce is a traditional recipe of the Roman cuisine become famous worldwide thanks to its simplicity and tastiness.

The legend tells the Arrabbiata sauce was born in Rome between the XIX and the XX century. Someone thinks the Arrabbiata derives from Amatriciana and requires Pecorino, but most chefs prefer to prepare the traditional Arrabbiata without any cheese, to respect the freshness of the tomatoes and parsley. Arrabbiata sauce pasta (penne all’arrabbiata) is one of the simplest Roman recipes, and so delicious! The secret of Arrabbiata is the balance between the freshness taste of tomatoes and parsley, and the extreme spiciness of Chili peppers. Even if traditional shape of pasta is Penne, this sauce pairs perfectly with almost all the kind of pasta. 

Here all the ingredients you need:


You have three choices: fresh tomatoes, tomato puree, or whole canned tomatoes. Best choice is San Marzano canned tomatoes to obtain an authentic Italian taste.

HERBS – the best herbs to use it is absolutely fresh parsley finely chopped and added at the last time.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Here the question is Dried or Fresh? The tradition wants fresh red chili peppers: they give the right sweet and spicy taste. If fresh chili peppers are not available, use dried peppers.

The amount is personal: just how much you can take!

Cheese on top is discretional but in case you use it the best choice is pecorino romano!