An Italian traditional Easter meal donated to frontline NHS staff fighting coronavirus

An Italian traditional Easter meal donated to frontline NHS staff fighting coronavirus

B-YOU, food Company that produces Italian balanced fresh meals at Now Food, University of Chester wanted to prepare something special for Easter day to say “thank you” to the health care workers who are on the frontlines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and sometimes cannot find the time to step outside for buying food.

50 traditional lasagne and 50 tagliatelle Bolognese will be delivered to the hospital on Easter day.

B-YOU produces Italian traditional healthy meals and its project about the balanced Mediterranean diet was born within and supported by the business incubator of the University of Chester, NoWFood.

“We wanted to donate a typical and healthy Italian Easter meal to all our

NHS Chester Hospital key workers who are so actively helping the

community and who probably will not be able to have a traditional

Easter meal with their family during this emergency “explains Claudio

Gavillucci, B-YOU Co-Founder and ex Italian Serie A referee



“Our Company advocates balanced and healthy lifestyle that starts from what we fuel our body

with, strongly founded on the Mediterranean diet principles”.

The B-YOU formula is created by nutritionists and fit-chefs to produce macros-balance meals which help to maintain healthy weight, to prevent diseases, to boost mood & energy, to provide stress relief and to maintain normal body functions.

Fulvia Fusco, co-founder and product developer for the Company explains: “We want to thank the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Chester who helped us to coordinate this Easter donation. We thought that a balanced & tasty meal was something good and appropriate to donate to our frontlines local NHS workers who certainly need to stay healthy and energetic in this physical and emotional challenging moment of their careers”

Hygiene rating and food safety key facts.

B-YOU meals are fresh and microwaveable. Their average shelf life is 12 days VS of the usual average of 3 to 5 days, this is because we MAP seal our trays, so we know that all the nutritional properties, taste and colour of the ingredients are preserved for a longer time with no artificial preservatives. Shelf-life of all our recipes are tested and produced at Nowfood - University of Chester with and certified by the PMS (Pathology Management Service). We have a 5 stars hygiene rating and a Food Management System/HACCP plan in place, to ensure we do the best possible to follow the highest hygiene standards and keep our food safe.